Nadene, our M.A., Nancy Morgan MD, Jacquie, our Office Manager

Nadene, our M.A., Nancy Morgan MD, Jacquie, our Office Manager

Drs. Nancy and Robert Morgan

Drs. Nancy and Robert Morgan


Robert Morgan, MD
Nancy Morgan, MD
Nadene Remmers, M.A.
Jacquie Moore, Office Manager


How it works:  When you come in as a new patient you will pay a non-refundable one-time registration fee. Then you will pay a monthly retainer fee which is usually done via auto-pay. You will be charged according to a fee table and will pay first and last month’s retainer. There is no cancellation fee.

In exchange, our patients receive 24-hour access to the physician, including last-minute appointments, prescriptions, or to answer medical questions. Additionally, appointments can be up to an hour long, as opposed to the standard 10-20 minute appointment time most traditional patients are allotted. Patients don’t have to wait weeks or months for appointments, they have medical aid at their fingertips, and they can spend time with the physician so that the doctor will truly know the patient’s medical needs inside and out.

For us, keeping our practice small enables us to free ourselves from the restrictive numbers game of seeing 25-35 patients per day in order to cover our costs. We can partner with you to keep you and your family healthy. You get our time and careful diagnostics in a warm, caring atmosphere, beginning at the front desk.

Our fees:

Registration fee: (nonrefundable)  $99.00

No contracts. Your retainer fees are on a monthly automatic deduction. A 30 day written notice is required for cancellation.

Children 0-19 years  $55.00/mo
$60.00/mo. non automated

Adults 20-35  years   $65.00/mo
$70.00/mo.  non automated

Adults 36-55 years    $80.00/mo
$85.00/mo.  non automated

Senior Adults +56  $95.00/mo
$100.00/ mo. non automated

Adults in family homes $200.00/mo
$205.00 mo.   non automated

Suboxone, subutex & other monthly
controlled substances  $150.00/mo

*We offer a 10% discount for those paying an annual retainer fee.