What is Concierge Medicine:

We welcome you to Guardian Family Care. This is an innovative new form of primary care designed to re-invent the kind of personalized, readily available care we used to enjoy; the kind of care where a patient and doctor form an alliance of trust and communication which allows for better health maintenance and individualized treatment plans; where decisions are based on sound medical judgment, not on business profit margins, and where you, the patient, return to the center of the process.

What if you started thinking about your health insurance like car insurance, where the patient pays the doctor for “routine maintenance?”
Your car insurance pays for a car accident, but not for gas, oil, tires or new windshields – all necessary for the car to stay reliable as it gets older – but certainly not necessary to be covered under insurance which would just create higher premiums. Many of our patients opt for a high deductible health plan which saves money for the monthly “maintenance” with us.

Because we believe communication is key in good medical care, our patients have 24 hour access to the physicians by phone, email and pager with office visits ranging from 45 minutes or longer by request.

Dr. Morgan is licensed by the State of Washington to treat opiate addiction using Buprenorphine (the active ingredient in Suboxone, Subutex and Zubsolv). Patients must be detoxed first, then we can provide maintenance therapy. A Meet-And-Greet is available before starting care.  All patients coming into the practice for the above specified care pay a flat rate of $150/mo. and receive the same benefits as all other patients with regard to full direct-care health care, along with their maintenance therapy.